Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Flavor of Your Love

i let the flavor of your love
sink onto my tongue; 
a million thoughts 
     dancing on my taste buds. 

and every day is something new
something new to love;
so many things to learn,
     so many memories to make. 

these flavors are exotic
in endless combinations; 
and as i take another bite
     it's anything but ordinary. 

Self Righteous

[Hyderabad, India]

the sun is setting out my window
a gentle breeze dancing with the curtains
as i breathe this summer air
noises from the ground below
still echo in my ears
and i watch the traffic doodles
     and swirling neon lights
outlining the roads below
my mind is full with pleasant thoughts
happy memories
hopeful dreams
but i often wonder at the difference
that a world can make
my day is over and they are just starting
even time seems different,
in the chaos there is still peace.
in the hustle, there is still calm.
and i wonder what God thinks,
as He looks down from above.
with the whole world judging each other
and withholding love,
when He created so much variety,
and all we want is for them to fit in our little box.
and we choose our beliefs over loving,
instead of letting the Holy Spirit convict.
because we think we have all the answers,
and maybe we just need
to walk a mile in their shoes.
and remember that Jesus
condemned the pharisees for their judgmental beliefs.

the world isn't a box.
God made it bigger.
His imagination is not limited
by culture or religious expectations.
and there is so much beauty that we miss
when blinded by pride and self righteousness. 

Thursday, February 6, 2020



it was a normal day
the sun was shining, but not too bright.
the birds were singing, but not too loud.
my heart was beating, but not too fast.
the kind of day that you never notice.
it doesn't catch your eye or change your breath.
and if you let it, it will make you comfortable.
too comfortable; complacent.
but that's the kind of day it is.
nothing more or nothing less.
always steady, always constant.
with the sun shining, and the birds singing,
and my heart beating; beat by beat.
never stopping, never tiring.
but sometimes, love,
ordinary is the best kind of love.



the storm surrounded me
like the darkness you created
cold, heavy rain took away my breath 
and lightning pierced my soul.
it's what you wanted, right, love?
you wanted me to feel the pain. 
you wanted me to know i wasn't worthy. 
undeserving of your love. 
you wanted me to know i was wrong.
isn't that why you threw those stones? 
but, love, don't you know...
you aren't god.
you don't see my heart or hear my prayers. 
my decision doesn't affect your self righteousness. 
the rain fell down, and it almost drown me, 
but love, i thank God for it 
i thank Him over and over
because instead of drowning, it cleansed me 
illuminating the dross and removing it. 
and i thought i would miss you 
once the pieces fell, 
but all i feel is peace. 
Jesus has the storm.