Tuesday, February 28, 2017



you made me laugh.
it was unexpected,
because i secretly knew your type
and i didn't understand how we could be friends
(so i asked you and you confirmed).
my stereotype came back to haunt me
because you were anything but cold and analytical
(although you were those things, in a way -
but you were also considerate and funny,
and it caught me off guard)
you got my humor,
and i got yours,
and by the end of the day,
my face was numb from the laughter.
and it's funny how after only 9 hours,
it feels like you've known a stranger
for all his life.
and i wish that every day could be as
good and beautiful
as that day unexpectedly was.



i knew you as a friend;
a simple acquaintance, love.
you always had my attention,
it's true.
but i still remember
the instant i fell for you.
it was slow and sudden.
gradually, then all at once.
and i wished upon every shooting star
that you would fall too.
but then i realized,
i play this game too.
we are close, then far apart.
i tell you things you should never hear,
and the words from your lips caress my ear.
and then there's silence, and stillness.
and wonder.
at first, i hated it.
but now, i love your poker face.
and, love,
you are the master at building
a n t i c i p a t i o n . 

things that we must wait for,
are always more valuable.
just don't make me wait forever, love.

Thursday, February 23, 2017



the moonlight danced around me
when i realized i fell for you
and the hopeless state i'm in.
i couldn't breathe as your eyes held mine
and earth slowed her spin
in awe of the romance.

even the stars could not match
the sparks that flew from our hearts
as your hand brushed mine
and i tried to hide my blushing.
you said my name and i was frozen
why must you say it so perfectly?

love, i could listen to your laugh all day
and you have no flaws that annoy me
i don't even wish to change my fate
because falling for you, well,
it could not be helped, love,
and it could never be stopped.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hot & Cold


like the Amazon,
you were warm and inviting;
excited about life
and you couldn't take your eyes off me.
the other day, love,
i felt your heartbeat across the room
and by the look in your eyes, you felt mine too.

but the next you were cool and unemotional
your poker face was etched in stone
and i'm almost convinced
your heart had stopped beating
you wouldn't look at me
even though i would have gladly
shared my warmth.

i wish you were always like the Amazon, love.
but i want you to know,
i love you still,
even when you crash in Antarctica.

would it help you if i wrapped you in my love?
would it help you if my words could be your sun?
i would whisper warmth in the dark nights
you wouldn't have to be hungover all alone
and when you need someone to cry to,
i'm here with only love for you
if you would just let me love you.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Make You Happy


why are you sad, love?
i see it in your eyes
i sense it in your soul
that smile isn't real, love.
it used to be, but it isn't anymore.
and i would do anything
to make you happy
all you have to do is ask.

Friday, February 10, 2017

No One Can Save


i wish i could save you
i would cut my own heart out
and give it to you
if it would help a drop
i'm reaching out my hand
hanging over the edge
holding onto you so tight

but in your moment of weakness
your eyes hauntingly told me
of how no one can save another soul
unless that soul wants to be saved.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I Did Love You


the memories we share
they came back to haunt me today
i cried bitter tears of regret
regret for not loving you
regret for not treating you right
i did love you
but you'll never know
because i didn't know how to show it
and it's too late to tell you now
so the tears stain my face
and their sorrow erodes my soul
because you were lovely and kind
and a perfect gentleman
but i never took the time to tell you
i cut you out of my life and ran
not because i was scared of you
but because i was scared of myself
and you deserve a better girl than me.

Sunday, February 5, 2017



what is passion?
where is hope found?
can you live just to die?

these bones are brittle
they are soft and weak
we draw a shallow breath
and hope for the air to return
as blood slows its cycle
and our hearts beat against
their cages.

what is desperation?
who is more cruel than Planet Earth?
why do we care so much?

our lives are fragile
haunted by emotions
flitting in front of our eyes
without rest or comfort
we cry silently in this agony
we pretend not to care
but the world is sucking away
our life.

what is depth?
how does beauty exist in darkness?
how often do we discover its secret?

these feelings are vibrant
pulsing through us
as we lose our body
to the music of life
we forget our troubles
and all our cares
as tears and laughter weave
breath-taking stories.



where did your inspiration go?
he asked her.
she studied the ground before answering
with tears painting her cheeks
it left me the same day
that the well of my emotions ran dry.



her greatest discovery was herself.
and no one else could ever love her soul
as perfectly as she did herself,
because no one else knew her
as deeply as she knew herself.
and all they saw was peace.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017



she realized that she was the only one
who would ever be enough
and as she wrapped her arms around herself 
for the first time
she released them all from her chains.