Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hot & Cold


like the Amazon,
you were warm and inviting;
excited about life
and you couldn't take your eyes off me.
the other day, love,
i felt your heartbeat across the room
and by the look in your eyes, you felt mine too.

but the next you were cool and unemotional
your poker face was etched in stone
and i'm almost convinced
your heart had stopped beating
you wouldn't look at me
even though i would have gladly
shared my warmth.

i wish you were always like the Amazon, love.
but i want you to know,
i love you still,
even when you crash in Antarctica.

would it help you if i wrapped you in my love?
would it help you if my words could be your sun?
i would whisper warmth in the dark nights
you wouldn't have to be hungover all alone
and when you need someone to cry to,
i'm here with only love for you
if you would just let me love you.

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