Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Day I Realized


there was an essence,
a silently understood facade
and i believed it all my life
growing up, i never doubted
but now i've learned
to look in the shadows -
and when i did,
the walls came down.
the false hopes,
and painted memories,
they all came crumbling down.
and when i looked in the shadows,
i realized that you were never really there
and you can't fool me any longer
with your artificially sweetened misnomers
and the subtle way that you destroy me
all while pretending that you care.
oh, but my darling,
God gave me a gift,
He showed me what true love looks like
and in His gracious kindness to me,
the scraps of artificial love
that i used to cling to,
have fallen off and set me free
but, my love,
i'll never forget the day i realized
that you never actually cared.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019



this vision is blank
like the page before me -
blank and devoid of meaning.
i swallowed a star
and the moon forgot me -
shrouded in her black cloak of rain.
these dreams destroyed me
they fell like the rain -
inside my soul.
and i couldn't breathe
at the thought of you -
the bittersweet memory of you.