Saturday, August 8, 2015

Prove You Wrong

"You have the personality for it."

I've never heard this before.
It's always been
"Why are you so quiet?" and
"You need to smile more."

Yet somehow in the last month
I've heard
"You have the personality for it."
A half dozen times
All from different people.

Have I changed?
Am I no longer the shy girl in the back?

Maybe not.
Maybe I'm past all that now.
In my mind, I'll probably never change
But I have noticed
Speaking up more often
Smiling more
Feeling confident in who I am
And not over analyzing
Word I say.
I've even made some people laugh
And I don't dread social occasions quite so much
I look forward to presentations
And I might be better at thinking on my feet

I have hope in my heart.
I'll always be an introvert
But I'm learning
I'm learning that it's not a flaw
And it's something I can use to my advantage.

I can be who I want to be
I don't have to listen to their lies
So to all the people who've made insensitive comments
Who somehow think only extroverts can win
Only extroverts can lead
Only extroverts can make a difference
I hope you're watching.
Because I am going to prove you all wrong.

Said the girl who scored 30 out of 30 for introversion.


  1. Amen! I'm an introvert too--it's interesting, the stereotypes people can form of introverts... But anyway, this was awesome:D

    1. There are so many stereotypes. And just when I think I've overcome them, new ones pop up. Sigh (:

  2. oH WORD
    i love this so so so so so so much. good grief, tears are in my eyes now because i can relate so much to this post. you go, lorraine<3<3<3

    1. p.s.: i've tagged you for the 777 challenge on my blog <3

    2. aww, thank you elisabeth <3 I'm glad you can relate (:

      and, I'll go check that out (: Thanks so much for the tag!

  3. I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE THIS AND JUST *dances around* man. you've grown, girl. you've grown.

  4. Oh my goodness, this is awesome. This is summer life for me. This is growing up, this is my life. And I'm so happy for you. When we can learn to relax and let go of a few things and try to be outside our heads, great things happen :)

    1. So true. And not only getting outside of our head, but discovering who we are and letting that shine through. Being real, and honest, and raw.