Thursday, August 20, 2015

Selling Short

there are always people in life
who sell themselves short

"you should fill out your own evaluation"
the manager says to me -
an aging man well into his forties
"after all, you're far smarter than I'll ever be" 

"you used Word to design that project?!
well, I could never do so nicely"
little did she know the version was 
seven years outdated

"I'm completely happy with reserve champion,
besides, no one can beat an Amish girl's cooking."
oh, but he didn't realize how many times
I'd practiced that recipe 

I wonder how
so many people
sell themselves so short

don't they see how incredible they are? 
can they not comprehend the uniqueness of their gift? 

they give up
before they even try

because they don't think they'll ever make it
they might surprise themselves
if they actually did try

I've never met a person that wasn't brilliantly phenomenal
there are just some people who are blind to themselves


  1. I love this!! It's so true. So many people constantly sell themselves short. (Oftentimes myself included, to be honest.) I really love this so much:)
    Grace Anne

  2. 'i've never met a person that wasn't brilliantly phenomenal'
    How true is that.
    I love this list, i find it echoes some of the things in my life, namely music and photography, that i get praised over a lot. and compared to others who 'would never be able to do that' after all they're 'just not talented'. oh but how many hours have i spent alone with an instrument, playing the same songs over and over, wishing i was talented too?
    Never underestimate.

  3. this was so poignant and i echo this entire post.
    to be honest, i do this to myself a lot (?) it's like a very bad habit i have. i guess i just have to turn back and see the God who has made me for who i am. <3

    1. oddly enough, this isn't something I struggle with. I tend to push myself very hard and don't shy away from trying new things. Plus, failure motivates me to try harder... I wish so much that I could help everyone see the best in themselves - to see that they can do amazing and unique things that no one else can do. <3

  4. Beautiful. Especially the last stanza.