Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Learned to Sail


the sun was dancing through the leaves
kissing your face with its shine
as we laughed in the autumn breeze.
it was a gradual feeling,
like meeting a stranger
and one day, realizing you're best friends.
we had adventure in our blood
and a story written only by God
and a mutual love of learning.
as this ship sailed, eight thousand miles or two.
we jumped on board
with laughing hearts
and learned to sail together.

Took My Hand


i hesitated,
unsure of these emotions
unsure of this wave of thoughts
new and unrelenting
i hesitated,
not sure if i was strong enough
to endure the long winter nights
or to walk by your side
and in that moment,
you took my hand.
you reached out and took my hand
you touched my soul
and chased the fear away
and all i remember seeing
was the little boy behind your eyes
so full of hope and belief
you never doubted me,
even when i doubted myself
and you never hesitated
to share your warmth and strength.