Monday, November 20, 2017

Tried to Forget You


these words are lost in time
their echos fill the lonely spaces
in between the moments
where our souls kept their distance.
and so i whispered to the moon
and she covered me with her radiance
while i wept these bitter hues
and tried to desperately forget you.

Lost with My Heartbeats


these emotions are slipping
through my fingers
filling my heart with sludge
and painting my brain in wild hues.
i wish i could remember
how your face looked that night
and the expression that filled your eyes.
but it's all gone,
leaving behind a ghost of feelings,
and skeletons of thoughts
in my dusty mind.
those moments are fading
like undeveloped film
and the colors of my emotions
were lost with my heartbeats.

Reflections Broken in the Ripples


this moment is beautiful,
awestruck before us.
we capture the memory
even as we watch it shatter,
our reflections broken in the ripples.
and it doesn't feel like this
was made to last
but i take a breath
and plunge into the peaceful waters -
once more.
because when this moment is gone,
i will only regret
not allowing myself to feel it.
not being submersed in these wild waters -
that will either fill me with exhilaration
or take me down.