Saturday, October 28, 2017

Haunting Regret


the moon was shining,
streaming through the fog
just like your tenderness
was breaking through my confusion.
i felt the grass under my feet
soft and tender -
but still less green
than my bleeding heart.
i looked into your eyes
and saw the scars on your soul.
but, love, did you even look into mine?
because if you did -
you would have seen the pain
cascading through my veins.
but those words -
i would try to take back,
if the universe would pity my plight.
because they chase me still
with their haunting regret
and i try to forgive myself,
and i try not to take flight.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Stuck in Reality


all i wish
is that life wouldn't be so complicated
and love wouldn't be so hard.
that childhood dreams
would never go unfulfilled.
that romance was easier in life
than it was in our heads.
and that falling in love
would never fill us with dread.
why can't two people click
even when they've run out of friends?
and why do we fail to understand
those with whom we are committed?
why do tears come at such a high cost
and how do they sear our souls?
why can't we all just live in peace
and forgive others of their battles?
maybe one day we grew weary of the hope.
perhaps we no longer are the dreamers.

Monday, October 9, 2017

I Wasn't Looking


i wandered along without a care
when you came along with your little affair.
i didn't see you coming, love
because i wasn't looking for a glove.
but somehow i tried you on
and in an instant you were gone.
but your memory was left
and now all i feel is bereft -
of dreams that i never dreamed
and all the moments that went unredeemed.
i wasn't looking for this
i wasn't ready for bliss.
and now all i can do is miss
the way that you kiss.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Better than Dreams


imagination failed me
it was better than i realized
and worse than i had hoped.
those dreams of yesterday
seem dull and lifeless now.
tossed aside for better things.
because imagination
will never overcome sensation.
and dreams are only good
before the goal is met.
and no one could ever tell you
how beautiful life is
until they've lived in the present moment.
until they've done things that they regret.

In the Dark


i felt the door before me open
although my eyes were closed.
i have never been more aware
of your presence than in the dark.
my mind failed me once again
when my senses took over
but i was never more aware
of this moment than in the dark.
i took a step forward
and fell in the dark
and if i could do it over,
i would be a better person
but it would still be in the dark.