Sunday, August 28, 2016

I fell in Love

I fell in love with a man;
He was such an Italian.
He was so swart and handsome;
His eyes took me for ransom.
His hair was thick as the timber;
And darker than I can remember.
His eyes were a deep, still sea;
From which I cannot be set free.
And I wish that our worlds could be
Close enough that he would see me.

PS: I love writing poetry that carries sentiment of the heart in a laughing, fun tone. Life is emotion and it is a beautiful thing <3

Thursday, August 25, 2016


There's a sunset slowly dying in the west, love,
Its painted colors gently fading into stardust,
The ethereal glow of twilight sprinkling glitter
     // of magenta, gold, and tangerine in your eyes.
Time stands still as you take my hand in yours.
And you whisper, I wish I could love you, doll, 
     // but our worlds are too far apart, 
And we aren't strong enough to pull them together. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You Have to Ask

because some cat therapy would be awesome right now ;-)

Jumbled and confused,
Feelings swirl and conflict,
Like a torrent in my heart.
Love, your kindness awakens the dreamer in me.
The softness of your eyes captivates my soul.
How can we be so different and yet so alike?
Our worlds are so incompatible and yet they've collided.
You are dark and I am light,
Yet in some ways I will never be as light as you.
You are an enigma that fascinates me.
And when I look at you, I wish I could tell you
How I really feel.
I wish you knew what I'm really thinking.
But you're going to have to ask,
Because I've never been very good at telling.

No Mercy

Sometimes there is no grace for the weary,
And there's no mercy for the discouraged.
People are judgmental and friends care more about their own battles
Than being understanding of yours.
And when you break under the pressure,
God and your mom are always there to pick you up again. (:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sucker for Storms

Dark and foreboding, with flashes of lightning,
His eyes glinted at me like a summer storm.
Yet their deepness spoke of kindness,
Softening the impact of their shocking beauty.

Love, the stormy front you give does not deter me.
I see the warmth of your heart though you try to hide it.

And ah, though I try,
I fight and resist it.
I fall for you a piece at a time.

The dreamer inside me has always been a sucker for storms.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Not Forsaken

At first, I felt like I took it all with peaceful faith.
It wasn't fake - I accepted it.
I took the pain in stride,
Knowing that although we don't always understand,
He can use all things for His glory and for good.

But in the last couple months,
I began to realize that I wasn't anymore.
I would worry that someone in my family would be in an accident.
I would fear other cars as I drove along the freeway.
I was so afraid that I would have to relive the nightmare again.
And I would relive it. I would wake up sobbing.
Seeing or hearing an ambulance would bring a depressing cloud.

I wrestled with God.
I begged Him for peace and to take away my doubt.
I felt like I could no longer trust God to protect me.
The foundation of my faith has always been that I should not fear
Because if God still has a purpose for me, He will protect me,
But if He calls me home, that's even better.
This was a new struggle that I never thought I'd experience.

Last week, we had revivals.
And one night as I did my devotions before bed,
A still, small voice whispered in my head.
Peace and joy rushed through me,
As the victory was won.
Jesus has never felt more real to me than He did that night.
As I surrendered myself anew at His precious feet.

The battle is real. Never doubt it.
But, my friends, if you keep on fighting,
Even when it seems like you aren't making any progress.
You will find that the more intense the conflict, the sweeter the victory!
God made us like gold, in that way -
The hotter the fire, the more purified the gold.
Yet we are more precious than all the gold in creation!!
If you are going through a struggle, keep reaching out to Him.
He will never forsake you.

I have been young, and now am old; 
Yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, 
Nor his seed begging bread. 
Psalms 37:25 (KJV)