Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Seasons of Life


i thought of you the other day, love,
and realized we never said goodbye. 
but it's too late now,
with lifetimes between our paths.
still, i whispered it to the trees;
i told them to thank you for the way 
you changed me and made me who 
i am today. 
i know you won't hear it though - 
even if i shouted it 
because there are too many miles between us
a lifetime of changes and hurts and dangers. 
that's the way life is,
sometimes it changes even when we don't want it. 
people are here for a season,
we trust them and laugh and cry together. 
then they leave us
or change like the leaves. 
sometimes we get closure and our goodbyes. 
but sometimes we don't. 

every season has it's reason.