Friday, March 31, 2017

Sweet to Bitter


you used to be sweet like honey
but lately, love,
you've been bitter and painful
hurting me more than i knew possible
twisting your knife with shocking accuracy
and how did i think you were so kind?
how did you fool me so badly?
i cry at night because
i know you are trouble
but i still long to taste you
even though i know the bitter taste
will make me sick.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Need Some Space


i am suffocating in this moment
and if i'm around you a second longer
i'm afraid i'll forget who i am.
your pull is stronger than the tide,
and i'm being swept into your essence.
i can no longer fight these feelings
because i don't have the strength to breathe.
(i love you too much)
and so i need my space
even though all i want to do
is spend my heartbeats with you
(please i'm begging you to stay away)
i just need some space
to remember who i am
because i am terrified of losing
the person i've worked so hard to discover
i'm terrified of losing myself

Black & White


have you ever seen the beauty
of the sun breaking through a storm?
have you ever been in awe
of the stark contrast of black and white?
have you ever fell in love
with the moon in the night sky?

our worlds are different
and maybe we are opposite
but i'm attracted to your softness
and you're attracted to my darkness
this could make a mess but i don't think it will
because if anyone can love deeper than differences,
it is us.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Help Me


i don't deserve your love
i've messed this up
s o    m a n y    t i m e s
yet you're still here
and your grace still provides
my life is good
you open my eyes to the beauty
and i praise you
but please help me overcome
t h e    d a r k n e s s .

Monday, March 27, 2017

Passive Aggressive


your words slice right through me
and for the life of me,
i cannot tell if you meant to do that
or if you were just careless with your knife.
i feel you give a final twist
passive aggression dressed as sarcasm
and i probably deserve this slow painful death.

Flaws Forgotten


what flaws do you have, love?
i forget them all.
but, baby, please forget mine too.

Given Up


i've given up fighting this
maybe our paths are different, love,
but our worlds have collided
and why can't we see the beauty of this moment
a snapshot of time
standing still through this rhythm
the touch of your hand
the pulse of your heart
your energy is contagious
this music is sweeping me away
and i've given up caring
because you make my world beautiful.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Thoughts of You

[via] love...
do you think of me when we're apart?
do i ever cross your mind?
the wind tugs at these feelings
threatening to spill my secrets to you,
but the moon will never betray my confidence
that i whisper to it late at night.
the stars glisten in awe of these thoughts
these thoughts that are consumed by you
but as brightly as they shine,
none of them compare to you.
and, love, i give my tears to the earth
in hopes that you will simply smile back.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I Care Too Much


this isn't my burden to bear
i'm not strong enough
for this weight you placed on my heart, love
it wasn't your place to give it
and i shouldn't have accepted
but now the deed is done
and my heart is fighting not to break
because, love, i am so worried about you
and i care way too much.

You'd Give Me the Moon


a simple request is all i ask, love
but when you turn to answer 
i find myself lost in that look in your eyes
swimming through deep currents
of adoration, love and longing 
and my soul startles at the sentiment
because it's written in your eyes, love
that even if i requested the moon, 
you'd give it to me
even though
it's not yours to give. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

All I Want


all i want is you //
and as we get closer
i realize i can't breathe this hue
and there is too much exposure.
all i want is you //
but i can't take this pressure
you have such raw value
that i am waiting for the shatter.
all i want is you //
so i draw you closer
and disappear at curfew
because you are no longer a stranger.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

I'm Sorry


listen, love,
i'm so sorry for my failings.
they haunt my dreams at night
and i wish i could read your feelings
because i didn't mean to hurt you...
although i'm pretty sure i did.
and i would give anything
a n y t h i n g
to take back that moment
that is forever lost in time.
and so the ghosts of my misspoken words
chase me down and torment my mind.
love, all i wish to tell you is
i'm sorry
and i love you.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Conquer Your Mind


your dreams,
your likes,
your passions,
are all hidden
in the agonizing folds of boredom.
and love,
to discover yourself,
you must conquer your mind.



you didn't bring me here for nothing
i trust you
i'm waiting, but it's hard as hell
nothing is new
all i feel is the same old struggles
and this battle is dragging on
where are you when i need you?
and why are you so silent?
is this making me stronger?
because i think it's breaking me instead.

Be Honest with Me


these tears are silencing my dreams
these fears are obliterating my hope
will i ever be good enough for you?
will you ever notice me as more than a friend?
i move through these days in pain
my heart throbs from your silence
i pursue you, but you never notice
you're nice, but you keep your distance
what does your smile mean?
how do i interpret the look in your eyes,
your holding glance, hesitant grin, or lack of communication?
i feel the touch of your hand and listen to the sweet words you say,
but then you are gone and the cold is killing me.
just tell me what you're feeling, love.
even "i hate you" would be better than guessing.
i need to move on, stop wasting time
on trashy dreams and imagined hope
but you're a master of manipulation
and maybe you aren't as nice as i think you are.
say the word and i'll forget you, love,
but as long as there is silence my heart will keep bleeding.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Life is a Concert


life is a concert, love,
we can choose to enjoy this song.
enjoy this moment.
making the most of every beat
by dancing to the rhythm.

don't stand on the sidelines, love,
savor every decibel.
we won't hear this song again.
so take in the strobe of the lights
and dance to the emotions within you.

dance to the beat, rock to the rhythm,
and remember the colors of this prism.

life is passing you by
while you're moping in the corner
because you don't know how to dance.
but you don't have to know how,
just make sure you do it.

life is too good to miss.
this concert is flawlessly orchestrated.
so make your way to the dance floor;
marvel at every detail, feel every emotion,
and make every pulse count for love.

leave predictions behind, flow with the soundtrack,
and take in each moment just as it is
with all the good and bad,
because together, it is beautiful.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Age of Love


there is a current between us, love,
like two oceans connected by a sea.
i took a breath and looked at you
and the feelings held in our eyes
were deeper than words could convey.
in an instant, my heart adopted your emotion
but my mind refused to interpret your intention,
because the mind cannot grasp the depth of the heart.
we have no choice in this matter, love,
why fight the tide when we can enjoy the ride?
you took my hand as the wind twirled around us
i laughed as the rain fell down and you led me into the storm
and in the beauty of the moment, the darkness of the tempest,
we danced to the music of the earth
as the thunder kept the tempo.
when you looked at me with stars in your eyes,
i could no longer choose to believe the lies.
and as my heart pounded against its cage,
you leaned over and whispered to me:
this is the dawning of a new age.
and love is the most important thing we know.

Thursday, March 9, 2017



our souls are connected, love,
i glance at your eyes and sense your energy
your emotions become mine and i lose sense of time
how did this happen, love?
it wasn't through words, or even time.
it wasn't a choice made by you or i.
there is a deep current running here
and it feels like it's existed since the dawn of time
more intense than sun-fire
this connection demands my attention
and i understand you, love,
even when you don't whisper any words
when our eyes silently meet across the room
your energy consumes me
i cannot resist it
you glance at me and the spell is cast
my fate is set
and all i can do is hope
i can trust you
hope you will catch me
because, love, i fall for you
faster than a raindrop to the ocean.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Never Scared


all at once, she realized why storms had never scared her.
why she always fell in love with them.
it was because she was peace,
and the contrast was like water sizzling on hot coals.
there was a beauty in the wild,
a beauty that was raw and captivating,
that filled her with admiration as she watched the battle.



these emotions are cascading down on me
like a million water drops from the waves of the sea
they canvas all the colors of the rainbow
with the twilight sun setting them aglow
i can't breathe when you look at me, love,
and it feels like i'll throw up when push comes to shove
how can so many feelings from the gamut
be experienced all at once?
sadness, elation, adoration -
it's anything but a famine.
like a wildfire these emotions are intense
and the softness in your eyes doesn't even make sense
but as your eyes held mine and i felt your embrace
i realized i would give anything to eliminate this space
between us with a caress or a hug
because every time we touch it feels like a drug

Storms of Peace


the storm's ferocious power
cannot touch me
when Your hand is on me
when Your presence surrounds me.
i whisper my praises to You
lost in the noise of danger.
but You always hear.
and You always save.
even when i fail You
time and time again.
death threatened and lies sought me
and no peace could be found
but here in the agony of earth
i find Your love and wonder.
Lord, thank You for the rain.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Out of Reach


hate you and how little hope you give me.
hate myself for falling for you.
hate the way you make me feel.

say pretty things to me.
i flirt with danger,
just for you to ignore me.
out of reach.

make me feel special,
but never get to know me.
pull me closer and push me away.

which way is it, love?
are you the high one, or am i?
because i am so bloody confused.
will you walk away or kiss me?

Send the Rain


there are tears caught in my soul
like stormy clouds that won't bring rain.
you are sunshine and laughter
even though i see your pain.
dear, i will miss so many things about you
your kind words, warm hugs,
selfless friendship and raging laughter.
i wish i could make you stay
but since i can't,
God, please send the rain.