Friday, March 10, 2017

Age of Love


there is a current between us, love,
like two oceans connected by a sea.
i took a breath and looked at you
and the feelings held in our eyes
were deeper than words could convey.
in an instant, my heart adopted your emotion
but my mind refused to interpret your intention,
because the mind cannot grasp the depth of the heart.
we have no choice in this matter, love,
why fight the tide when we can enjoy the ride?
you took my hand as the wind twirled around us
i laughed as the rain fell down and you led me into the storm
and in the beauty of the moment, the darkness of the tempest,
we danced to the music of the earth
as the thunder kept the tempo.
when you looked at me with stars in your eyes,
i could no longer choose to believe the lies.
and as my heart pounded against its cage,
you leaned over and whispered to me:
this is the dawning of a new age.
and love is the most important thing we know.

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