Monday, March 13, 2017

Life is a Concert


life is a concert, love,
we can choose to enjoy this song.
enjoy this moment.
making the most of every beat
by dancing to the rhythm.

don't stand on the sidelines, love,
savor every decibel.
we won't hear this song again.
so take in the strobe of the lights
and dance to the emotions within you.

dance to the beat, rock to the rhythm,
and remember the colors of this prism.

life is passing you by
while you're moping in the corner
because you don't know how to dance.
but you don't have to know how,
just make sure you do it.

life is too good to miss.
this concert is flawlessly orchestrated.
so make your way to the dance floor;
marvel at every detail, feel every emotion,
and make every pulse count for love.

leave predictions behind, flow with the soundtrack,
and take in each moment just as it is
with all the good and bad,
because together, it is beautiful.

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