Thursday, March 9, 2017



our souls are connected, love,
i glance at your eyes and sense your energy
your emotions become mine and i lose sense of time
how did this happen, love?
it wasn't through words, or even time.
it wasn't a choice made by you or i.
there is a deep current running here
and it feels like it's existed since the dawn of time
more intense than sun-fire
this connection demands my attention
and i understand you, love,
even when you don't whisper any words
when our eyes silently meet across the room
your energy consumes me
i cannot resist it
you glance at me and the spell is cast
my fate is set
and all i can do is hope
i can trust you
hope you will catch me
because, love, i fall for you
faster than a raindrop to the ocean.

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