Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Be Honest with Me


these tears are silencing my dreams
these fears are obliterating my hope
will i ever be good enough for you?
will you ever notice me as more than a friend?
i move through these days in pain
my heart throbs from your silence
i pursue you, but you never notice
you're nice, but you keep your distance
what does your smile mean?
how do i interpret the look in your eyes,
your holding glance, hesitant grin, or lack of communication?
i feel the touch of your hand and listen to the sweet words you say,
but then you are gone and the cold is killing me.
just tell me what you're feeling, love.
even "i hate you" would be better than guessing.
i need to move on, stop wasting time
on trashy dreams and imagined hope
but you're a master of manipulation
and maybe you aren't as nice as i think you are.
say the word and i'll forget you, love,
but as long as there is silence my heart will keep bleeding.

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