Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Storm Symphonies


the air was cold
my bones were shivering
and fear pulsed
through my veins
but i found this oasis
this peaceful place
i watch the storm
against my window
as the thunder and rain
lull me off to sleep
with their symphonies.

Monday, January 22, 2018

A Single Sand


it was a moment.
a mere sand of time, love.
and most of them fly by;
but this one held eternity.
and every sand before it
had a different hue
than every sand after it.
but none of them, love,
matched this single sand.
this moment in time.
its color was passion
and its hue was regret
and the image it bore,
we will never forget.
but, love,
of all the sands of time
i would switch it with none
because it's our story
and even these tainted memories
are good when they're with you.



i looked at the ashes
and in that moment
i saw the beauty of life
because they weren't nothing
though the fire had burned them
and even though
     everything had changed;
in some ways, it was all the same.
and i watched as the sun beamed down
and filled our hearts with

Fear Can't Touch Me


these peaceful waters rush over me
like the waves of a mountain stream
filling my soul with stillness
and a peace that remains.
the sky is tumultuous o'er me
with no dancing sunbeams in sight
and all the leaves are clinging
to the trees in fright.
but although i feel the pain
in my bones there is only peace
and calm and hope
because their fear can't touch me.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Only Stars


i looked at the stars
and saw a million suns
beaming, sparkling at me.
i reached out to touch them
with my emotions
i cast my wishes upon them
but when i glanced again
there were no suns
only a million stars
with their cold distance
and my far-flung, dying wishes.
so i picked up my rose colored glasses
and put them back on with a smile.



my well ran dry
after i gave it all to you
i gave you everything
and got nothing in return
i felt the pain of your knife
i felt all the feelings
that you didn't feel.
and i thought it would be dry
but now the tears won't stop.
and now the tears won't stop.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Dying Star


there were tears down my heart
and crying broken blood
the moon covered her face
and wept bitter tears
while the thunder bemoaned
my agony
this pain was more than i could bear
the storm was stronger than my resolve
and all i could do was picture your face
and wish upon a dying star
and cast empty wishes on a dying star

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Murals Don't Need Microscopes


an ocean surrounded me
with its depth of bitterness;
this telescope betrayed me
revealing all your flaws
and swaying all these sentiments.

i wearied myself trying to change
the direction of the wind
trying to rearrange the dust
of our emotions and reactions
with this ocular.

but in the process i lost myself
and was found by Him.
and after it all, i trusted again;
because no one paints a mural
using a microscope.

so let the wind blow where it will blow.
and let the dust settle where it will settle.
because in the end, love,
all we have is each other
and the idea of being free.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Tried to Forget You


these words are lost in time
their echos fill the lonely spaces
in between the moments
where our souls kept their distance.
and so i whispered to the moon
and she covered me with her radiance
while i wept these bitter hues
and tried to desperately forget you.

Lost with My Heartbeats


these emotions are slipping
through my fingers
filling my heart with sludge
and painting my brain in wild hues.
i wish i could remember
how your face looked that night
and the expression that filled your eyes.
but it's all gone,
leaving behind a ghost of feelings,
and skeletons of thoughts
in my dusty mind.
those moments are fading
like undeveloped film
and the colors of my emotions
were lost with my heartbeats.