Tuesday, March 3, 2015

They Made Me Feel

There are some moments
I very distinctly remember from my past
Moments of triumph and failure
Moments that are burned in my mind forever

"Why are you so quiet?"
"We're just making her bored."
Their (albeit playful) disdainful words
Cut through me like a sharp knife
As if I wasn't already painfully aware

Their words made me feel 
like I was an estranged alien that would never make friends.

"You'll never know how much this means to me."
She whispers as tears stream down her cheeks
But the look in her eyes makes it perfectly clear
No question left in my mind.

Her actions made me feel
Like the biggest hero that ever existed. 

"Sorry" I murmured
After accidentally brushing past her
A derisive glance and rolled eyes in my direction
Fulfilled their job and
Quickly reduced me into a pile of ashes

Her actions made me feel 
Like I was a worthless waste.

"You're the nicest girl I've ever met."
Seven words scrawled by a young boy
That went to a camp with me
I shamefully recalled thinking that
He was one of the most annoying boys I'd ever met
Thankfully, a fact that my eight-year-old mind had kept to itself

His words made me feel
like I was worth a million dollars. 


  1. I loved this! I need spring to come, it is currently snowing outside D:


    1. I know, I'm so looking forward to spring...

  2. Waaaaaaaah. I love this. Sad, but there is still beauty in how you wrote it. <3

    1. You are toooo kind <3 That really means SO much to me - I try to always get across that beautiful aspect, because *everything* has beauty in it.

  3. I love your blog! its amazing and so inspiring. ♥

  4. That is so touching..words can heal, words can scar.. You are such a wonderful writer, glad you found my blog so I could find yours. ;)

    1. perfect summary - I should have added that to the end! Thank you so much (:

  5. Thank you <3 I believe I'm already following your blog ;)

  6. This was just something else, really. It made me happy, it made me sad, it was just simply beautiful. So we'll written and much thought was obviously given here. A very deep and emotional poem. Well done Lorraine!

    Psst! If you have the time, maybe you could.....check out my blog?
    Thank you so much!