// dreamer //
// idealist //
// explorer //

10% experience | 90% imagination

i hope you can discover something here
that i n s p i r e s you
to find beauty,
to celebrate love,
or just to dream a little more ;)
much love. xx

laurel crowned.
that's the meaning of my name. it symbolizes victory, and was used in the early olympics. i have always been inspired by this hidden motto for my life. to be the best that i can be, to run this race with patience and love for all.

who knew four letters could mean so much? i look for beauty and find the good in people. i listen to many, but talk to few. as an explorer type, i am incredibly open minded and enjoy hearing other view points. my primary function is authenticity which drives me to look for hidden meanings and why the world works the way it does. my secondary function is sensation, and there is nothing i love more than fully taking in every moment. i am a deep person, so if you want to get to know me, stop swimming in the shallow end...

i'm a hopeless romantic. always have been, always will be. i'm also in love. in love with beauty. in love with this moment. in love with humans. in love with the world and all her wonders. will you join me in this pursuit? let's love like we have nothing to lose, like we have everything to lose. let's live without inhibition. let's embrace this moment and submerge ourselves fully in this reality.


  1. You have such a beautiful blog, Lorraine! I love the sunshine yellow. :) Nice to make another blogger friend! <3
    Newest fan and follower.
    Blessings! love from Bonnie (

    1. Hi Bonnie!

      Thank you so much for your kind words (: I always love making new blogger friends! <3 Blessings to you!