Friday, February 12, 2016

What Happened to Us, Love?

What happened to us, Love?
Was it my fault or yours?
We made such a good team, you know.
We could have lasted forever.
We would have made a beautiful old couple.
You pulling me out and making me more convivial.
Me softening you and making you more contemplative.
You forever the life of the party,
Me forever the dreamer.
We were beautiful, Love.
So what went wrong?

These last few posts have been really fun to write. I thought I would do something a little different than the ordinary for valentine's day. Isn't it fascinating to think about lost love? What could have been? These are filled with some wistful nostalgia, which is a beautiful emotion to me.


  1. Lovely poem!! And adorable picture :) Thanks for sharing x

  2. Ooh, I'm glad this isn't our true story about a lost love! That would be sad. I really like the uniqueness of these posts!

  3. This is beautiful, Lorraine! Psshh, who am I kidding, everything you write is gorgeousness <3