Monday, February 22, 2016

More than I Imagined

5 months ago today...
We had no idea that as we left church,
It would be the last time in this life,
That we would see our little cousin...
Had no idea the nightmare
We were a phone call away from entering.
We could have never imagined how much pain and tears
Our next few days would hold.
Or that we could ever survive such
Immense and immeasurable loss and grief.

Sweet Brooklyn is celebrating her 10th birthday;
At the feet of Jesus,
Singing with the angels.
And from our eyes, the tears still fall...

Through it all,
God has never left our sides.
True, 5 months ago,
I could have never imagined enduring so much heart break.
But, I also could have never imagined how great our God is.
Through the pain and the darkness,
God has shown us so much more of Himself
Than we ever could have experienced otherwise.
He is truly good,
All the time.
And it's only when we can no longer bear this burden alone,
That we truly begin to experience,
The unending greatness, love, and mercy of our Heavenly Father.


  1. This is beautiful. I remember your post about little Brookie, it's so tragic. And yet there is so much hope here.

  2. this is a beautiful piece of work <3 i remember your post about brook...God is faithful and good.

  3. Thanks for sharing Lorraine. you are a gifted writer. Love your work! Blessings and prayers!