Saturday, January 28, 2017

Stars Align

what can i say?
the stars aligned for us,
maybe we were made for each other
i've never felt this connection
it's deeper than i've ever swam
and i've swam deep, love.
but you take me deeper,
and i discover new parts of myself

why am i fighting this?
the stars aligned for us.
your words make me feel whole,
compassion is our binding energy.
this world is spinning recklessly fast,
but when our eyes meet, it is forced to stop.
and even the stubborn tick of time
is slowed by your smile.

how can we stop this?
because the stars aligned for us,
our days are numbered in a code
only you will understand
our friends may not be heathens
but they were written by our integer.
life is a riddle that no one can solve,
but we have a secret, because the stars align.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

An Unknown Friend


the weight of my failures overwhelmed me
i could feel myself drowning, bobbing for air
i couldn't breathe or cry out for help
and then you saw me
you had no idea what i was going through
or how all the lights in my mind had shut off
but you smiled, and you talked
(like you always do)
you made it feel easy,
like i was actually succeeding at something
you laughed at me
and made me laugh
and some days i just need someone
who is so carefree and pure that they can help me forget my troubles.

what would we do without friends? 

Made You Laugh


i made you laugh the other day
(do you remember that, love?)
i couldn't see your face, merely your silhouette
but i've seen that smile before - only a few times.
and oh, that smile, love
- so genuine and raw -
it makes my world stop.
it etches itself in my mind
so that i have no chance of ever forgetting it.
and if i ever find another human being
that smiles like you do...
well, i'd probably fall in love with them too.

Deafening Silence


it's a constant push and pull
you pursue me then you pull back
i initiate with you and then disappear
and we can't get this rhythm right, love.
and your silence has been deafening me
drowning out the outside world
until it consumes my thoughts.
did i push too far or not far enough?
we used to communicate in the silence,
but now it is just *deafening* silence.

why are you so silent, now? 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Stuck in My Head


you're like a song that is stuck in my head
your charm is a catchy tune that i cannot forget...
a treacherous tune that i simply cannot forget.
but i would do anything to get you out
because you don't belong inside my mind.
love, i want you out of my head before I lose my mind
but no matter how hard i try, my brain will not unwind,
because you're the song that is stuck inside my mind.

why can't i forget you love?
i drown myself in other people
i listen to every genre in my attempt to forget
because i know you're no good for me.
i knew it from the very start.
love, i want you out of my head before I lose my mind
but no matter how hard i try, my brain will not unwind,
because you're the song that is stuck inside my mind.

like the words of a bad song, your eyes haunt me at night
they look so peaceful to the world
but i see through that wall to the storm you're hiding beneath
and why must i always be so attracted to storms?
why does pain make us feel so alive?
love, i want you out of my head before I lose my mind
but no matter how hard i try, my brain will not unwind,
because you're the song that is stuck inside my mind.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cut Free


she didn't realize that she was suffocating
until she had been cut free
as her lungs filled with oxygen
she vowed to never return to that place again.

Friday, January 20, 2017

No Debt


she collapsed on the ground before him
her once exquisite clothing tattered and torn
rivers etching themselves in the dirt caked on her face.
he stooped down, and with his tears washed her features
gently pulling her into his arms
as he whispered
my love, i forgive you
i see your repentance and you owe me no debt
for the pain you have caused.



she may be jealous
but she would never let you know.
she's the type of girl
who wears her softness on the inside
and puts on strength for the world to see.
and her softness is a secret
that she'll only let you see
once you've proven yourself trustworthy.

New Day


she was captivated by his charm
enthralled by his beauty
until she reached out and felt his heart
it was ice cold and as soft as a rock
stumbling back, his words brushed her soul
at first they sounded kind,
but the meaning behind them was sharp
the slash drew blood as she turned away
she ran into the lingering touch of twilight
tripping into a forest of stardust
she pushed on through the whirlwind of dreams
until the fingers of morning light caught her hand
just before her legs gave out
the birth of a new day filled her sleep with peace.

Thursday, January 19, 2017



we had a connection
i felt it like i feel the sun
i felt your warmth
but when did it leave?
was it once you got to know me?
am i different than you expected?
what i wouldn't give in exchange for your answers.
because your eyes are tearing me apart
as fast as they had put me together.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hard to Feel


You've taken away everything
that i've ever held precious.
shattered pieces on the floor
and i don't know where You want me to go.
i know You love me,
and You always will
(which i will never understand
when even i hate myself so much)
but some days, it's just so hard to feel, Lord.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Abandoned by the Moon


moonlight cascaded around my being
and the song that i heard was loud and clear
hanging in the night like a crystal chandelier
its rhythm overwhelmed my heart
christening my soul with its emotion.
in a moment i realized
it was your essence surrounding me
your grin warmed my cheeks
(and the cool night air).
suddenly, we were dancing
our steps were composed without hesitation
our eyes met for a heartbeat
(and our souls kissed in that glance)
in a breath, i woke up
chilled to the bone and as i looked around
the moon had abandoned me
its radiance vanished
along with your presence.
and the next time i looked at you
your eyes had a wall
your soul was hidden
and our hearts no longer understood each other.

I Would Have


i would have loved you
i would have treated you right
you love her now
and i can't hate you
even if i want to
because she's better than me
but if i could change myself into her
i would do it in a heartbeat
i'd be what you need, what you desperately want
i promise i would've never stood you up
i would have been there for you
(if you would've just asked me)
but instead i sit here watching the stars
feeling the scars etched into my heart
my existence so small and trivial.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Warrior


he's a lion
she mused with wide eyes and a faint voice.
amusement crept onto my face.
truly, he is.
a man unafraid to be used by God.
a man unafraid to be a warrior
in a spiritual war
filled with the power of an almighty God.
he's unstoppable, 
unafraid to call you out,
and yet i see great compassion in his eyes.
she nodded absent-mindedly.
compassion mixed with fire and utmost purity.
an unusual yet striking combination. 

Your Cover


there was once a book i wanted to read
i looked at the cover and was enthralled
the title was catching
and the cover breath-taking
but then i opened it up and started reading
and i was horrified by the discrepancy
the words were ugly and mean
the pages were marred and difficult to decipher
so i put it down
i stopped reading
and i'll never judge a book by its cover again.

if i were judging you by your cover
i would say you're nice, friendly,
beautiful even.
i wanted to be friends
i thought it was possible.
but then i tasted you and realized
you are filled with offences, pride, selfishness.
all you care about is yourself and your image,
but you forgot that sometimes people look past the cover.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Beautiful Scars


her heart was soft
easily bruised and often broken
until one day she found a cage
for protection
there was no pain
but she also discovered
there was no joy
and no freedom
so she left her cage
and collected scars
turning her heart into beautiful, breath-taking piece of art
that inspired the world to keep living.



glimpses of time that took me by surprise
your charm was deceitful
you've told me so many lies
and you've only apologized for one
for three, if you count actions without words
i don't hold it against you
because i don't have that power
but it pains me to watch you
living in such a dirty place
you could have a palace, love
you could be king of the world
or at least of mine
if you could just dust away all those filthy lies.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


the night sky was glistening
glittering with the empty promises
of a thousand stars not yet fallen
our hearts beat in unison
the soft touch of your hand
reminded me of the rivers on my cheeks
no one has ever danced more beautifully
your eyes wrapped me in warmth
and the love of a million roses.
our souls may dance flawlessly, 
but our lives were not made for each other -
and that is why i cry.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lionhearted Poet


i'm still not sure how it happened.
my world was beautiful and so full of peace.
and then he looked at me
and somehow, he saw that i was lost
despite my blissful unaware-ness.

as he spoke my name and his eyes pierced my soul,
the world opened up before me,
i woke up from the coma -
the haze began to fade away.
i looked into his eyes and felt my breath return.
     pure and deep, filled with fire and love.
in an instant, he pulled me out.
he inspired me to speak and filled my heart with passion.

God gave me a momentary glimpse of reason.
it was all i needed to live again.
through words and kindness
of a lion-hearted poet
i found my way again,
and i didn't even know i was lost. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Without a Word


you caught me off-guard.
i took down my walls for you.
i trusted you (too soon).
i forgot all thought of self-protection
until you opened your mouth
and i realized
you never wanted to be my friend in the first place.
you just wanted what i could give you.
and you took it without a word of thanks.

i won't lie that you haven't made me cry;
but once these tears are shed,
you will find my heart still soft
because i choose to forgive you.
i choose to move on.
even if you never want to be my friend.

In Return


there are a thousand tears trapped inside my soul
but i can't let them out because i still love you
i want to hate you i want to need you
why can't you just love me back?
i wrestle with your thought
i agonize over these day dreams
and am confounded by all my hopes
how can i still give you these signs?
all you've ever given me is wound up nerves
and the pain of humiliation.
i gave you everything
and in return
you gave me nothing.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fool's Gold


his eyes were pure
and full of fire.
compassion mixed with the boldness of a warrior.
and i realized that you have none of these things.
your eyes are kind, but they were never pure.
your eyes are compassionate, but you're not a warrior.
fool's gold.
a cheap knock-off from the real thing.
and i can't believe i became a fool for you.

Be Still


planet earth is spinning
the hands of time are slowing
and all is fading out
except for Your voice.
i know You want me here, Lord.
i know You love me still.
and as the loudness around me dims,
i wait to hear Your voice.
the stars are shining down,
the moon is illuminating the clouds,
and through the shrouded path before me,
i catch a glimpse of plans You have for me.
but Your whisper to me,
just be still for a moment
just trust Me through the waiting.

Landscape of Life


mountains of hope
valleys of fear
the landscapes of this life
a journey to find our calling
and Your love is greater
than anything we might face.

moments of waiting
time standing still
we wonder at Your silence
and try not to wander
from Your abiding love
and caring hand.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017



like leaves freshly fallen
we descend through our lives.
tumbling and swirling through the wind of this world.
we admire others beauty, but we know it is fading.
this branch is not our home, we keep moving on.
some day we'll land one final place
and be a leaf no more.
instead of fleeting friendships
we'll have a heavenly home above.
instead of wanderings here below,
we'll worship our Father in heaven.

Monday, January 2, 2017

You Are


you're the beauty behind my inspiration.
you're the meaning behind my heartbeat.
you're the love behind my romance.
you're the longing behind my sigh.

and you are so incredibly unaware.