Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lionhearted Poet


i'm still not sure how it happened.
my world was beautiful and so full of peace.
and then he looked at me
and somehow, he saw that i was lost
despite my blissful unaware-ness.

as he spoke my name and his eyes pierced my soul,
the world opened up before me,
i woke up from the coma -
the haze began to fade away.
i looked into his eyes and felt my breath return.
     pure and deep, filled with fire and love.
in an instant, he pulled me out.
he inspired me to speak and filled my heart with passion.

God gave me a momentary glimpse of reason.
it was all i needed to live again.
through words and kindness
of a lion-hearted poet
i found my way again,
and i didn't even know i was lost. 

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