Saturday, January 28, 2017

Stars Align

what can i say?
the stars aligned for us,
maybe we were made for each other
i've never felt this connection
it's deeper than i've ever swam
and i've swam deep, love.
but you take me deeper,
and i discover new parts of myself

why am i fighting this?
the stars aligned for us.
your words make me feel whole,
compassion is our binding energy.
this world is spinning recklessly fast,
but when our eyes meet, it is forced to stop.
and even the stubborn tick of time
is slowed by your smile.

how can we stop this?
because the stars aligned for us,
our days are numbered in a code
only you will understand
our friends may not be heathens
but they were written by our integer.
life is a riddle that no one can solve,
but we have a secret, because the stars align.

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