Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Sometimes I try to figure myself out
I'm so confusing
One moment I want one thing
And the next another
I feel confident
And then I hate myself
I love the rain
And then I grow tired of it
One day I smile at your thought
And the next it makes me feel sick
I think I know myself
And then I don't

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Peaceful as the Mountain Stream

The cool, peaceful water rushes over my toes
As it joyfully flows down the mountain
The pines above me whisper their secrets
Bending and swaying in conjunction with the wind
The sun shyly peaks out between the clouds
And dances on the forest floor
The water reflects the bright sentiment
And sparkles back at the sun
The world is so good. So beautiful.
Time doesn't matter as I try to soak it all in
Marveling at Your creativity and beauty
Marveling at Your perfect love
And wishing I could be as constant
In my adoration of You
As the most humble trees and rocks

Friday, June 5, 2015


I want to find you again
There are things I need to tell you
Secrets I have to share
Moments that need to be lived

Why did you leave me
In such a hurry?
I wasn't ready for the empty
I wasn't ready for the hurt

And I still miss you, my darling.
I miss you, oh so much
But I'll no longer be wasting my time
I've made the promise to myself

I'm going to live my life
I'm going to be better than you ever will
Because I'm moving on now
Even if I have to cry all night long.