Friday, June 5, 2015


I want to find you again
There are things I need to tell you
Secrets I have to share
Moments that need to be lived

Why did you leave me
In such a hurry?
I wasn't ready for the empty
I wasn't ready for the hurt

And I still miss you, my darling.
I miss you, oh so much
But I'll no longer be wasting my time
I've made the promise to myself

I'm going to live my life
I'm going to be better than you ever will
Because I'm moving on now
Even if I have to cry all night long.


  1. Heartbreakingly true, honest, and oh so relatable. Why do we get so attached. But look up and look out, it's a wonderful world out there, too beautiful to be stuck inside ourselves I think.

  2. ahklnjeslfdlksfjsdjgn <- can't form words. <3 <3 <3

  3. even if i have to cry all night long, because yeah that's what i'm doing right now.

    wonderful job, dearest. ♥