Sunday, February 5, 2017



what is passion?
where is hope found?
can you live just to die?

these bones are brittle
they are soft and weak
we draw a shallow breath
and hope for the air to return
as blood slows its cycle
and our hearts beat against
their cages.

what is desperation?
who is more cruel than Planet Earth?
why do we care so much?

our lives are fragile
haunted by emotions
flitting in front of our eyes
without rest or comfort
we cry silently in this agony
we pretend not to care
but the world is sucking away
our life.

what is depth?
how does beauty exist in darkness?
how often do we discover its secret?

these feelings are vibrant
pulsing through us
as we lose our body
to the music of life
we forget our troubles
and all our cares
as tears and laughter weave
breath-taking stories.

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