Thursday, February 6, 2020



the storm surrounded me
like the darkness you created
cold, heavy rain took away my breath 
and lightning pierced my soul.
it's what you wanted, right, love?
you wanted me to feel the pain. 
you wanted me to know i wasn't worthy. 
undeserving of your love. 
you wanted me to know i was wrong.
isn't that why you threw those stones? 
but, love, don't you know...
you aren't god.
you don't see my heart or hear my prayers. 
my decision doesn't affect your self righteousness. 
the rain fell down, and it almost drown me, 
but love, i thank God for it 
i thank Him over and over
because instead of drowning, it cleansed me 
illuminating the dross and removing it. 
and i thought i would miss you 
once the pieces fell, 
but all i feel is peace. 
Jesus has the storm. 

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