Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dreaming with Our Eyes Open


the breeze hit me with a thousand memories
the way we soaked in the silence of the sunshine
the way our eyes sparkled as we talked about tomorrows
the way the earth spun by us
we were careless in the moment
the world was before us
and we didn't try to foretell it
but we dreamed with our eyes wide open.

i walked in and the air felt like listening to you
make up songs on the piano
and laughing about my freshman year
having endless conversations about everything and nothing
sending texts that have long since been deleted.

the room smells like secrets kept forever,
a million broken promises,
and tears that no one else understands.
my window is open like it was that day
with the sun dancing on the floor,
and i watch the flowers bobbing cordially in the breeze.

i felt like i was 16 again
watching the leaves blow off the trees
and wondering where in the world
you are now and what you're doing
and if anything ever reminds you of me.

because i miss the days
when we dreamed with our eyes wide open.

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