Monday, May 12, 2014

Dark Musings

Why do I write about the hurt?

Should I write about the hard things?

My goal is for this blog to be a positive influence that will draw people closer to Christ. I want this blog to celebrate life and hope and beauty. But I don't want to sugar coat things and make it look like my life is perfect. Because it's not. There are hard times. There will always be hard times. But the important thing to remember is that hard times are beautiful too. We may not understand why they happen at the moment, but there is a reason and it will all work together in the end. Each failure, each hardship, each battle that we face shapes us into who we are.

The weakest people on earth are those who have never experienced hardship. However, perspective is oh, so important. Because if we let it, hardship can make us too hard. Cynical. Miserly. Perspective shows us that hardship is good. We learn the most from failure; and when we do this, we can turn our failure into a stepping stone for success.

Find beauty in the difficult things. Look at them as opportunities to learn, to make yourself better. Be grateful for the struggle. It will make you stronger. Learn from your failure and you will find success. Let the hard things soften you and mold you into a better person. Cling to God with all your might and He will never let you down.

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