Monday, September 29, 2014

When All You Hear is Static...


The day is beautiful and the story line is progressing ever so nicely. There is sunshine all around you and not a cloud in the sky. Each scene runs smoothly and you take pictures in your mind to save them for a rainy day. Life is love, and joy, and happiness. Then just as you reach the most exciting, suspenseful plot.....everything turns to static.

All you see is the dimly blinking gray and white screen. All you hear is a deafening hiss; growing louder and louder in your ears. 

What happens next? The story was just getting good! You glance out the window to see dark clouds closing in, and an angry wind tearing at your yard. A second ago, there was so much hope. So much joy and laughter. The story had a perfectly predictable plot line; and this twist was the last thing you wanted. 

The static continues for days on end. No glimpses of what should have been. Only long and loud and gray and unknown stares you in the face and sucks away your life. 

But wait, there's something you don't know. Or wait, maybe you do. Things like this don't "just happen." There is Someone that is in control. And even if you don't understand all the twists and turns; even if you don't like the unanswered questions; He has a perfect plan. As we follow His lead, and read our script, the static will all fade away. As we look back on our life, we'll realize that there was never any real static anyway; it was only what we perceived. 

So the next time you hear static, and all you can see is flashing gray - take your preconceived ideas about how the story will end up, and burn them on the spot. You see, it's never God who plays the static: that is what we see and hear when we fail to follow His script. 

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