Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fearless Faith

A warmth so compelling breaks through the darkness,
Ever so slowly awaking the seed. 
Springing to life, its fingers push upward
Til they break free and into the light. 
As time marches onward, and the days still lengthen
A beautiful flower peeks up at the sky.
Ever growing towards the light
Its breathtaking brilliance -
Is there for all to see
As it nods in the breeze 
And smiles up at the sun in thanks for its life.

Lord, make me more like the flower, so simple -
Which smiles at Thee. 
Which turns towards the light 
And away from the dark. 
Which constantly abides and never ceases to praise Thee
Without a care in the world
Drawing glory to God through its humble existence. 

I've always preferred to look at the bright side. I want to assume the best about people and see the good in the world. I may be naive...but I would rather be that than cynical and cold. Some people have told me that I should be more careful, less trusting. I've been told that I need to protect myself. But I've always wondered....if I have faith in God, why would I have to worry about myself? Now, it would not be wise or prudent to put myself in unnecessary danger. But if I have been called to go somewhere, or do something, I have full confidence that God is in control. Why worry about it? Why even waste time thinking about it? Doing so much is giving the enemy victory in our life. God orchestrates every minute detail of the universe, and if it is my time to leave this earth - no amount of worry or planning on my part is going to change that. On the other hand, if God still has a purpose for me - no danger that confronts me is going to defeat His purpose. So why worry about the evil in this world? Why let fear have a place in your heart and mind? Talk to God, He will listen. And He will gladly take your burden from you. Our number one purpose is to follow God's will. To listen to the Holy Spirit's still small voice in our head. To obey those promptings and convictions. And when we do that, we have no place for fear. We have no place for worry. Only peace will dwell in our hearts, and we will not have fear in this world. God is in control, and no amount of worry on our part is going to change that. He always has our best interest in mind.

The end of anxiety is the beginning of faith, and the end of faith is the beginning of anxiety,

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