Saturday, January 19, 2019

Love Is

what is love?
Jesus loves me;
this i know.
i know it because the Bible says that
love is patient and
love is kind;
(and Jesus is patient and kind to me.)
love bears all things
love believes all things,
love does not seek her own will.
just as Jesus does not force anyone to follow Him.
Jesus, friend of sinners, they say.
Jesus, who ate with the publicans and tax collectors.
the ones who the righteous wouldn't look at -
the ones who the righteous were better than.

and you say you love me, darling,
but you often think you're better than me.
and i know that your will
is your favorite thing to talk about.
this new kind of love doesn't have
much patience or kindness.
and i don't think i ever heard Jesus say,
     i love you, so i'll only talk about
     the things i think you're doing right.

Lord, help me to love the way you love.
let others say of me, that i'm
     a friend of sinners. 
that i'm not too good to talk to anyone.
or to listen to their story.
that i don't force my agenda on
     any other person.
take the stones from my hand,
for only You see what's inside;
help me not to judge another's heart,
     based on my perception alone.

because without love, i am nothing.
1 cor 13

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