Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I'm not Strong Enough

They told us this would happen.
Our professors that completed
This insane internship at one point -
They told us that they cried all the time
And didn't know how they would make it.

I've never been one to cry easily,
And I've done hard things before
So I didn't think it would apply to me.
But now, I'm starting to understand.

Lately I've been crying too often
And I haven't been able to sleep.
There isn't enough time in a day
And nights go by too quickly.

Demands on my time pull me
In every direction.
It turns out fitting two years of work
Into one year of time isn't a bright idea.

Working by day and classes by night
And you need to set some time
For this committee meeting and that.
Why haven't you written your research yet?
Don't forget about your exam tomorrow!
And there's a project that's due,
Please do your best.

I cut out sleep then I cut out eating
Anything to get an extra minute.
My head is spinning and I think I might pass out,
But today I'm the foodservice manager.

My list of things to do before tomorrow
Seems to keep on growing
How will I get it all done?
Coffee on an empty stomach
Doesn't usually turn out well.

I want to say I'm strong enough
And that I know I'll make it,
But I've found that I can't
Pretend any longer.

It seems like my life is burning down
Before my eyes -
How long will my body and mind hold on?
And now I know that I have to admit,
I'm not Strong enough for this.

I'm not strong enough,
But thankfully I have a God who is.
Somehow it all will get done
Even if I don't know how.
Someday I'll look back on these
Next nine months and think
How did that go by so fast?

Someday I hope I can say
It was all worth it. 


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this! Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog, and the follow! I'm going to continue reading your blog because it is absolutely beautiful. I love the design, and the name of your blog as well. It's always encouraging to find other Christian bloggers out there too!
    -Lauren <3

    1. Thank you Lauren! That really means a lot to me. Finding Christian blogging friends is one of my absolute favorite things (: