Saturday, January 31, 2015

Why Me?

there is a question that has been known to haunt me
day and night it plagues my mind

the homeless Man on the corner
the widowed Mother trying to feed her young

that small Boy who is a little too skinny
without a mother to wipe the dirt from his face

tattered rags and feet with blisters
facing Their troubles so alone

my eyes are not closed to Their sorrow
the pain in Their eyes torments me without end

how can it be that i am so blessed
why has my life been so easy and happy

its nothing i've done to somehow deserve this
it's nothing They've done to be rewarded with pain

although i know i may never know the answer
this question still plays out in my mind

why me?

why have i been given so much
and They so little

but i have been given a burden to bear
for i am called