Thursday, January 22, 2015

Your Eyes

There's an invisible force at work on my heart
It gently, silently tears my memories apart -
Bringing each one to the stage of my mind
In a way that is most brutally unkind. 

Like the ocean beating against a cave,
The memories haunt my soul in waves
As if drawn in by the sheer force
Of a moon's gravitational course. 

It seems like ages ago
When we talked and we laughed
The memories are so fine
Until your eyes - 
Your eyes took me by surprise. 

Can we go back for a moment? 
Can we just rewrite time? 
I want to remember, 
But I can't stand to be haunted. 
By that look - 
That look in your eyes. 

You are like a moon
And your eyes are your force
That take my memories
And turn them into a nightmare - 
A beautiful and agonizing nightmare. 

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