Friday, September 18, 2015


it's a late summer night, Love

I stare at the fire
                   before me
the flames dance and pull me
into their mesmerizing beauty
so invitingly warm
I reach toward the flickering light
breathing in the sweet smokiness

forgetting how it burns
forgetting how it blinds

it reminds me of you, Love

how I keep falling
even though you never notice
even though you never need me
forgetting how you burn me
forgetting how you blind me

you're so beautiful, Love

your eyes enchant me
                   with their glistening sunlight
your soul is sweet
and pure and kind
the light within you pulls out
                   the best in me

I wish you could see me, Love
I wish that for once I could be
the fire before you
                   because I would never burn you, Love
I would never, never burn you


  1. cries and flies and dies. ♥ AGH. i'm so thankful for a love better than this. our Love up there in the heavenly skies who loves us the most.

    1. Ah, yes a million times yes. So why can't I stop falling for this earthly person? Sigh...