Friday, September 18, 2015

Overflowing 1

So I think I'm going to start a "series" of sorts. Just writing little stories about things I'm thankful for. <3 Here's the first one!

Last year during my internship and master's program, SLU set up a mentoring program for the interns to connect with an established dietitian and get some advice from a person that wasn't a preceptor, professor, or otherwise giving us a grade at some point. lol

Anyway, this lovely lady was my mentor. We met several times and went to different dietetic meetings as well as had a few different ethnic meals at various new restaurants. I enjoyed getting to know her so much, and she gave me more than just professional advice.

She is a Quaker, and while they have a few differences from my church, they are very similar in many ways. She encouraged my faith and challenged me in so many ways. This was such a huge blessing to me, because the closest similar church was over an hour drive and even that church was Mennonite (which has several differences from Dunkard Brethren).

Today, I'm so grateful that she was my mentor this past year.