Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tears and Peace

I can still hear your giggle,
And feel the sunlight streaming through the window.
I can see the kindness in your eyes
And sense the generosity of your thoughts.
I don't know why you had to leave us.
We may never understand.
But if there is one thing we know.
It's that God is in command.
We choose to trust Him,
We choose to follow.
And we feel His presence ever near us.
Because His peace is with us through the sorrow.

Days like today, it seems like the memories keep flooding back.
The panic-stricken phone call,
The agonizing drive back to the scene.
The darkness that engulfed us as we waited outside the ambulance.
The urgency of the paramedics as they wheeled her to the helicopter.
The worry and impatience of sitting in the waiting room, waiting to hear something.
The crushing weight of the news when it finally arrived.
The nearly silent anguish that filled the small hospital bereavement room,
       when pain that is too deep and unfathomable to be expressed is felt.
       and in the days to follow, at the viewing, the funeral, and burial.
Memories that bring with them, rivers like the ocean.
Concurrent with other memories...
The powerful current of the helicopter lifting up,
       bringing with it a wave of indescribable peace.
The feeling of arms wrapped together in a prayer circle,
       and the binding strength of our love even stronger.
The signs that God gave us of reassurance that this was His hand.
The feeling of burdens being lifted through prayer after prayer.
The unending grace, and mercy, and kindness of our Savior.
The comfort of friends and family and just being together.
Today is 6 months, and the memories still flood our minds.
Bringing tears and peace, questions and hope, pain and love.