Friday, March 11, 2016

Praising God

The warmth of the steadily awakening world.
The friendly sun shining down happily,
Gradually painting the day with light.
The gentle breeze wrapping itself around me,
It's soft embrace bringing peace to my soul.
Softly, pastel clouds blanket the earth;
As if to protect it from the heat of noonday.
And as the brightness fades into night,
The world is nowhere close to falling asleep.
Sounds of laughter and playing float in through my window.
As the crickets joyfully chirp in the background.
And before I fall asleep I think, and wonder just a little...
That even though we may not stop and notice,
The universe is singing praises without cease to its Maker.
The unvarying harmony, the beauty that surrounds us;
Every creature and object bringing glory to God,
In even the most simple of ways.
And yet, how much more could we bring Him praise -
If we could be like the simple flower,
And be obedient to His call.