Wednesday, July 20, 2016

He Stands in the Shadows

The wind rushes past me,
As the trees whisper in excitement.
The sun beams down its warmth and happiness,
As clouds grace the blue sky
Like pearls dotting the ocean floor.
I stop in an instant,
A heartbeat away from eternity.
As I stand in awe and wonder at this Incredible God we serve.
Who are we, that He should take notice of us?
That He should form our vapor-like lives out of the dust?
His love keeps us breathing,
His grace surrounds and overwhelms us.
He took on our form to minister unto us,
And yet He remains a Father looking over us,
And guides us ever in His paths.
He is law and order and mercy and love.
His ways are beyond our wildest dreams,
And eternity is too short for us to understand Him.
We blink and our lives are over,
Our lonely wanderings are but for a moment.
And yet He is there, in every instant, every heartbeat.
In the shadows of our lives.
Or the command post, if we let Him.
Allowing us to choose the direction of our sojourneying.
How can we become so haughty and puffed up?
How can we be so blind to His Goodness?
Why don't we trust Him more,
And follow His guidance into truth?
There is no fear when He is Lord.
There is no worry when He has control.
We fret and we anguish,
Our backs turned towards Him
Because we can't relinquish our control for a second
While He stands in the background offering us eternity.


  1. This is beautiful. I love the words, the imagery -- everything!

    -As the trees whisper in excitement.-
    -Like pearls dotting the ocean floor.-
    -A heartbeat away from eternity.-
    -Allowing us to choose the direction of our sojourneying.-
    -While He stands in the background offering us eternity.-

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