Thursday, July 7, 2016

Open Book

The thing about trusting is you can be hurt.
The thing about loving is you can be disappointed.
But the heart longs to trust and to love.
Only our Heavenly Father can satisfy those longings.
He will never break our trust or fail our love.

Maybe I'm a little naive to trust so much,
To love so easily.
Your words are smooth and so I believe.
Maybe I'm not as fast at processing the hidden meanings.
But at night, when I lay awake - your words haunt me.

God made me to feel deeply.
I feel the pain of your jabbing words
Cutting through my being.
But I also feel joy more deeply,
And laughter dissipates through my soul.

I'm an open book.
When you see me, it's real.
I don't hide things -
And if you care to look
You'll see my pain, my struggles, and my imperfections.

My life is pretty good, and I'm blessed beyond measure.
But I've never claimed to be perfect.
The good part is, I know I'm not.
And God is gracious.
He is working in my life and redeeming my failures for His glory.

So if you care to know me,
Pull up a chair, grab some tea or coffee.
Say a prayer with me, or for me.
Share with me like I share with you.
And please, don't lose your patience. <3

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