Monday, April 3, 2017

Filled with Stars


your eyes are filled with stars, love.
a thousand unspoken promises
to give me the moon and all her charms.
as the world spins recklessly on;
oblivious to our moment of connection.

your eyes are deeper than the universe, love.
filled with silent questions
as they take me in and memorize my form.
and if the others would look now,
they would be blinded by these sparks.

your eyes are slow dancing with mine, love.
and that smile is making me a little drunk
and maybe a little too high.
you're the only one i am aware of
as time itself slows for our moment.

we have a secret, darling.
this love is stronger than the tide.
deeper than our differences.
more powerful than their judgment.

we were born in different worlds, love,
but the stars aligned when our worlds collided,
and so i whisper to you:
i'm willing to give this a shot, if you are.

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