Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Rhythm of the Storm


i felt the waters with my toes,
as the twilight twinkled 'round me.
sparkles dancing on the ocean;
flecks of a thousand dreams and memories.
and as my heart twirled through them,
my mind gradually became aware
of a deepening pressure, a sinking current
twisting itself around my soul
and as i fought to be free of the heartbreak
i love you, my child
echoed in my ear
and i remembered how i used to love the rain,
as i relented to the pain.
feeling the pulse of the ocean.
taking in the beat of the storm.
because in the end, the sun always wins.
so for the instant 
i observed the storm
matching my tears to the rhythm;
and when it all was behind me
i gave thanks to God for my wounded heart. 
i gave thanks to God for my wounded heart. 


  1. This is beautiful, Lorraine! <3 Oh my goodness. I love it. From title to end, your words are descriptive and picturesque -- memorable, and rhythmic. I can feel the intense emotion through your gorgeous use of watery imagery, and I love the final message of thanks despite the pain. Not only do things always get better eventually, but a wounded heart, when healed, is stronger for it in the end.

    1. Thank you Eve. I appreciate your kind words so much!