Sunday, November 4, 2018

I Didn't Know


i thought of her today.
of broken friendships 
and tainted conversations
     long since past.
those memories
of feigned laughter, 
mixed signals, 
and deafening silence
build up like a toxic fog
     in my mind.
until the sunlight 
of this present moment
     clears it all away. 
back then, i only saw the trees.
today, i see the forest. 
i was lost when she
trapped me in her web
of tangled promises and
churning relationships. 
but He took me to the shore.
He saved me like He always does.
and looking back, i see all the reasons.
and looking back, i see all the reasons.

so thank You, Jesus, 
for delivering me 
from shallow friends 
with deep conversations. 
for protecting me 
from toxic relationships
with dark intentions.
for saving me
in Your flawless timing.
for saving me
when i didn't know i needed saving.

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