Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Undeservingly Protected


i felt the ground beneath my feet
as it began to crumble.
fear made the sky turn black
and the torrent of a thousand memories
flooded my soul in a jumble.
i grasped for air
for a semblance of life
as it used to be.
but all i found was pain,
sadness, and a lonely ache.
but as the world gave way
and even the air abandoned me,
i found that i didn't fall
because Your arms were there 
to catch me. 
and as You breathed Your Grace
on me,
i could breathe again,
i could sing again,
i could love again.
and as the fear and pain
melted away,
all i felt was safe,
and loved,
and undeservingly protected. 

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