Friday, February 6, 2015


i look in the mirror 
        and quickly glance away
// afraid to look that girl in the eye
        and risk exposing all her pain

shame and despair haunt me
        day and night

i know i'll never be perfect
that's really not what i want
but would it be so much to ask
       if i could just see one good thing
        // about myself

every part of me is flawed
and there's nothing 
that i can do to change it

sometimes i cry
        not because of pity
// but because i wonder
        at how God can love me
        and how my friends can stand me


  1. Oh man. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. God is so wonderful that I can't understand it. How? How can He -- the most wonderful and beautiful thing -- love me? *screams* Thank you so much, God.

    Beautiful writing, Lorraine. <3

    1. God is good, all the time. Thank you Candence.

  2. Oh my. This is lovely.