Saturday, February 21, 2015


the universe was formed by Your word
and the stars were breathed into existence 
by You
through Your power, the forces of nature work
and the lives of men are changed by Your thought
in vein they try to control their lives
and live for their own pleasure

i am as dust that is blown by the wind
a vapor that disappears in an instant
so small and unimaginable
i stand and i tremble as i feel
Your presence 

my head bows in shame
of the haughtiness of my heart
through a fog of emotions
i become aware
of tears
tears streaming down my face

i feel Your kind touch 
and forgiveness washes over me
yet again
i don't deserve this love
how can i be its recipient? 
the Creator of the universe
holds my hand and asks me to be His bride

oh, that i could be more worthy 
of such an honor
"follow Me" 
i hear the words break through my thoughts
"i will" i promise, 
overwhelmed by Your love


  1. Great post you are super talented xx