Sunday, July 5, 2015

Becoming a Worthy Bride


It seems like there are endless blog posts and even books about how to find the perfect guy or the most important things to look for in a husband, but it's a little harder to find information the other way around - i.e. as in preparing yourself to be a pure bride, a good wife, etc. This topic has really been weighing on my heart recently and I've probably started typing this post up a half dozen times now. I think it is good to have standards when it comes to dating, but perhaps if we were more worried about our end of things it would turn out better in the long run. Instead of selfishly thinking what we could get out of the relationship, maybe we should think more about what we can give.

So how do you become a worthy bride? First of all, I want to say that it is most important that we prepare to be a worthy spiritual bride - after all, we are the bride of Christ. If Christ is at the center of our lives, then everything else in life will fall into place. When Christ is our first love, all our desires are satisfied. Christ, not any guy on earth, will fulfill all of our desires. Are you lonely? Do you want a guy to need you? These needs cannot be filled by man. If we are looking for a husband to satisfy these needs, we will never be happy. Our marriage will always be strained by the pressure that we put on each other, because we are looking for happiness from the wrong source. God must make you happy. There is a hole in your heart that only He can fill. If you aren't happy as a single girl, you definitely won't be happy as a married woman. God must fulfill all your needs, because He is the only One who can.

By letting God mold your being into a woman after His heart, you will become a worthy bride. If you allow Him, He will soften your heart in all the right places. If you abide in Him alone, you will bear the fruit of the spirit. He will mold you into a beautiful vessel for His service. So then, you may wonder, isn't it important to get the right guy? Well, if Christ is at the center of your life, that will fall into place as well. God will also mold your desires so that you are attracted to the type of man that will only draw you closer to God.

Marriage isn't about making us happy. Marriage wasn't intended by God to be a self-centered endeavor. Marriage was designed to help us serve God better. When a man and a woman come together to serve God, they can do great things for His kingdom. And when a marriage is founded completely on God, then it will be pure bliss - because your desires are fulfilled by God, not fallible man. When both husband and wife have their life centered on God, they only draw each other closer to God and each other. Since their needs are met by God, they are able to live selflessly and strive together towards one purpose.

This is so beautiful.

So, prepare yourself. Stop worrying about the perfect guy; center your life around God, and let Him take care of the rest. Because He will, darling. He will never fail us.

Stay lovely,

PS- I've been a little quiet lately....I'm almost done with my Master's degree and internship though so it's been getting really crazy around here and I don't have much free time. However, I promise I haven't forgotten about you all and I will probably have much more free time starting in about a month.


  1. "If you aren't happy as a single girl, you definitely won't be happy as a married woman." <-- Wow. That is convicting. In a good way (as conviction always is!). Thank you for this post!

    1. Thank you, Hannah. That means so much to me...

  2. You're getting a MASTERS DEGREE!? wow. By all means, take your time, we'll still be here. You go, girl.
    I think this is a lovely, lovely piece. I've always been the free spirited (sort of) kind of girl who is afraid at the thought of getting married, at least not very soon at all. But i have friends and sisters that seems like all they do is make wedding boards and dream and stuff. and that's not wrong, and it's good for girls, like what you wrote here. but i'ts important to be in God's will, comfortable with who we are, and doing what He would have us to do.

    1. lol it's not something I ever planned on getting, but somehow I am. And it's almost over which is making me very happy <3

      I've always looked forward to marriage, but lately I have been seeing more of the free spirit that I am and I've been a little more apprehensive about it. I just have to remember that when I'm in God's will, everything will work out for the best.

  3. great, great post. i agree that this is something we don't hear about very often.
    thank you so much for taking the time to time to write your thoughts out! indeed, marriage should not just about making us happy. God should be the one glorified at the end of it all <3

    1. thanks love. To God be the glory, for everything we do <3