Monday, July 27, 2015


The still small voice has been haunting my thoughts. I read about the Israelites, and the law. Always, they were required to give God the first-fruits of their labor. Their very best. The first-fruits are always the best quality. God is all-powerful and deserving of all the glory and honor we feeble human beings can give.

Not to mention, He gave us His very best. His only begotten Son suffered a horrendous death so that we could be forgiven. Isn't giving God our best the very least we can do?

But are we? Am I giving God my best? My first-fruits? Or am I giving Him the left-overs? The extra that I want to discard after I've taken all that I feel I need?

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

What do you think about first? Do you whisper a prayer of thanks for another day, or do you reach for your phone and start checking facebook and email? And then maybe, just maybe, you'll mumble a prayer at the end of the day if you don't fall to sleep as soon as you get in bed.

I'm not saying that morning is the only time to have devotions or that you have to tithe 10% every paycheck. But what is your priority? Is it God? Or is it you, or your popularity, or your possessions? Would you be like that widow who gave God her last 2 pennies, trusting that He will provide? Or am I more like the Pharisee that proudly puts in a $20, but saves several hundred back for myself? Even though I already have a nice car and a warm house and this missionary wants to provide medical supplies to people who are dying from lack of resources. And yet, I justify only giving a small amount, and continuing to live in my own comfort. Never giving too much. Never letting it make me uncomfortable. Never sacrificing too much.

Because after all, Jesus was only crucified so that I could be forgiven. I mean, I wouldn't want to be too radical, would I?


  1. This was...inspiring. And very, very convicting.
    Thank you for this. <3

    1. it's something I've been so convicted of lately... thank you, dear, for the encouragement. <3

  2. Like Elisabeth said, this was very convicting. I've been struggling with this a lot recently. I try to do my devotions first, but sometimes I make up "excuses" as to why I "can" or "need to" check my email first. It's ridiculous:-/ And the giving thing, too! Very well-written:)

    1. It's something I constantly struggle with. But I am slowly learning. By God's grace.